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Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Wed Jun 20 22:45:04 UTC 2012

As some of you noticed this week while testing out the iso's in 
preparation for Alpha 2 next week, the isotracker got updated. I 
promised more information about the changes after they landed, so here's 
a sampling for everyone to take a look at. At this time, the Ubuntu 
Desktop amd64+mac in Quantal Daily and the Ubuntu Desktop powerpc in 
Quantal Daily builds are sporting the new integrated testcases features. 
Have a look at these pages to get a visual of what I mean:

Looks exactly the same at first glance, but click on a testcase and the 
look is different than before. For example, 
At the top of the page we have 3 links now:

Link to the download information
Detailed information on the testcase
Link to bug reporting instructions

The 'Link to the download information' remains the same and contains the 
download links for the iso. The second link 'Detailed information on the 
testcase' allows you to see a history of changes to this testcase (yep, 
we're keeping track for consistencies sake!). Finally the 'Link to bug 
reporting instructions' gives you information on how to report bugs 
found in the testcase.

Ahh yes, you'll notice the testcase is now inline on the page and no 
longer a link to click off to the wiki. There's a few more surprises as 
well. If your not logged in, you'll be reminded that in order to submit 
a result a login is required. And of course, if you are logged in, a 
handy "submit your result" link is present. Finally, the submission form 
itself has a small visual update that likely hasn't gone un-noticed by 
those of you who use the tracker often.

So what's next? Well, the goal now is to get all the testcases migrated 
into the tracker and off of the wiki. Next, we'll be migrating the 
manual application testcases out of checkbox and into a new package 
tracker for application testing.  Then, we'll have consolidated our 
testcases to one place and be able to manage and re-use them! Whew! (For 
those of you willing to help, I'll send requests to out once everything 
is ready)

In the meantime, please file any feedback or bugs to the ubuntu-qa 
website. Thoughts on the new layout, ideas for improvement, etc. All are 
welcome. Or simply respond to this email.

Happy Testing,

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