Call for Testing: 12.10 Kernel on 12.04

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Thu Jun 7 16:45:08 UTC 2012

I know some of you out there are still enjoying the goodness of precise
and haven't yet made the leap. Here's a way you can help out and put
your precise installation to good use for testing :-)

As you know the kernel team will be supporting newer kernels on the LTS
release of ubuntu. As part of that, they need help in testing these
newer kernels on the 12.04 release. Wanting some of the quantal goodness
on precise? Here you are!

Check out the full details below, and note that we're using the
qatracker for this as talked about at UDS! This is a test build of the
qatracker with expanded capabilities to be able to do this type of
testing. Please let me know your feedback on how the tool works for you.

Thanks and happy testing everyone!

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