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Wed Apr 18 20:34:05 UTC 2012


I've installed the ISO of the 16th just today. When I chose to install
from Grub, the first window that appears is the language list. At this
first screen I saw the  top & only panel to be white & opaque though the
notification/gear area was normal. I was thinking of reporting a bug but
I just checked this & I
guess it is not related right? (excuse me since I'm a newbie in testing
& am not fluent with many names like Notify OSD, though an attached
screenshot made it clear that it is the pop up notification in the system.
Has anyone faced this issue?

Besides, I've been using Unetbootin install the iso's. that's ok right?

Two more issues:

1) sometimes my keyboard stops working except for the Ctrl+Alt+Del & the
power bottom. Moreover, I can't even get the gear menu to work with the
mouse. It gets back to normal after I bring it back from suspend
(supsending either with power button, or the Ctrl+Alt+Del or closing the
lid). Anyone faced this? I suspect this error in dmesg is related:
keyboard: can't emulate rawmode for keycode 240

2) On booting up Ubuntu, I get a delay between selecting ubuntu from the
grub menu & the display or the ubuntu logo. Moreover there's also a
"black out" (if i may call it) between the ubuntu logo & the log in
screen. Is that normal? Doesn't this reduce boot time? (P.S.: I too a
vid of this)


Sincerely Yours,
-Merhebi, Bob

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