Partial upgrade Can't guess meta-package

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Tue Apr 17 22:42:11 UTC 2012

Brian, you know I second guessed myself here after writing ubuntu-bug
update-manager.. But I think the problem may be in ubuquity since it
didn't install the right package..

Whoops, I re-read, ubuntu-desktop is installed..  Ignore me..


On 04/17/2012 06:38 PM, Brian Murray wrote:
> Actually update-manager is a better package here as Russell indicated
> that he had already installed the system and the problems were trying to
> upgrade after installing the system.  Additionally, the update-manager
> apport package hook will give us better log files to debug this issue.
> On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 06:23:32PM -0400, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
>> Russell, I would report this via ubuntu-bug ubiquity and note you
>> encountered the bug in the iso tracker. Thanks for helping test!
>> Nicholas
>> On 04/17/2012 06:12 PM, Russell Hart wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I doing the 'Install (ubiquity) in Ubuntu DVD amd64 for Precise Daily'
>>> test case in a Virtual Machine with Oracle VirtualBox.
>>> It installed OK and rebooted as expected. After running sudo apt-get
>>> update and opening Update Manager it asked, 'Not all updates can be
>>> installed' 'Run a partial upgrade, to install as many updates as
>>> possible. '
>>> I tried the Partial Upgrade but got an error message 'Can't guess
>>> meta-package' 'Your system does not contain a ubuntu-desktop,
>>> kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-desktop or edubuntu package and it was not
>>> possible to detect which version of Ubuntu you are running. Please
>>> install one of the packages above first using synaptic or apt-get
>>> before processing. '
>>> ubuntu-desktop is installed and the newest version (sudo apt-get
>>> install ubuntu-desktop).
>>> Thanks,
>>> Russell Hart
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