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Hello  irlandes,
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> I think you have been given a good solution to slow service, Bob. But,
> another option depending upon your exact problem is the command wget.
indeed i think its a good solution though i have to learn how to use it

> wget -c url.iso
already asked about the difference in a previous email before i read this.

> lets you stop download and start again at your convenience.  You can
> download a few MB, and start again, even many days later, with no data
> lost, as long as the iso has not been changed.
the problem is not the main problem; rather its the bandwidth; i'd like
to save my bandwidth as it is limited

> It expects to find previous downloads in the directory where the
> terminal is setting, and if it is not there, will restart the download.
> It seems to me, by defective memory, that there are mirrored images of a
> small net iso which is designed to download other things desired. But, I
> can't remember if Ubuntu actually lets you select which packages to
> download, like debian does or not.

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-Ibrahim (Bob) Merhebi

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