Join Ubuntu Oneiric Beta 1 Laptop Testing

Sergio Zanchetta primes2h at
Mon Sep 5 10:36:07 UTC 2011

Hi all!

Oneiric Beta 1 is out now and we ask everyone on the QA team to
participate in the laptop testing.

The procedures for testing your laptop and reporting results are
explained on

You can start downloading the image at ,test results will
be tracked on

You may have accounts on the tracker from last time. Please register
if you are new to this.

Please let us know if you have any questions, we will coordinate
testing in #ubuntu-testing on freenode.

Below you find enclosed a brief testing report for Oneiric Alphas and
for stable supported releases:

Thank you to dannew, irenebonta,  marknigh,  v-miheer,  whisperity,
mminoru-yanagisawa, Tankopunk, DrScott, pablojavier, stanraystan,
primes2h, paulmiles, moogman, vytautas-sadauskas, michaela-kunclova,
paolorotolo, lavrton, martin-o, palma-salvatore, keebaud,
fabiomarconi,  thmslld, goblinyara-gmail, nik90, mauro-feb16,
jowouters, cornuwel, pink-lace, samsagax,  jazz41408, noe,
gjditchfield, lousygarua, newlife, bruno0-1-2,  piferrari,
mazumder-aniket,  giuseppeterrasi, bjarkih1977, carla-sella, sineau,
aptidude, bychkov.v1, tbradley96, dedalu-dedalu, fruchtkeks, lpnet,
lepelerin2002, marcodubpi, ivan812, rodolfo-enq,  sh4d0000,  pal_,
lapor, alessiogrossosgarrillo for testing their Laptops.

Thanks a lot for your help and happy testing!

Sergio Zanchetta

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