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On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 3:23 PM, Mario Lemelin
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> My name is Mario Lemelin (lemelinm). I made the leap to Linux with

Hi Mario!

I'm glad to see your name pop up on this list. Welcome! :)

> distribution (I think). Since I participate in different forums and this
> year I decided to get involved in the process of creating a new version
> of Ubuntu.

I'm glad to hear that. (I'll interpret this as "I want to help, where
can I start?", hope I'm not wrong)

Have you put thought into what aspects you'd like to work on? The QA
team does testing for new ISO releases (like we were doing this
week!), bug triaging, etc. There's plenty of areas where you can help
out, or you can read the wiki page [1] if you want to know more (and
you can just ask on the list).

A good idea is also to hang out on IRC in the #ubuntu-testing and/or
#ubuntu-quality channels (and maybe your LoCo team's channel, since
various teams organize events to work on bugs and all ;)


Kind regards,

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