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Phill Whiteside phillw at ubuntu.com
Sun Jul 31 22:19:11 UTC 2011


sorry for a fairly n00b question, as some of you will aware lubuntu is to be
built using the Canonical build system as we reach full adoption. I have had
a chat with our head of dev and this build process cannot be applied
retrospectively, which is not a problem as we have the build scripts.

However one item has sprung to my mind as we get to make a point release for
the 10.04 system. Back then, we were using 0.5.x of PCManFM (as were
xubuntu), we also had tried to get pyneighborhood to work for shares (smb /
windows, etc). but to no real joy. PCManFM 0.9.x has resolved all those

>From a QA point of view, would a point release be allowed to jump from 0.5.x
to 0.9.x which would require a couple of extra libraries. pyneighborhood
would then be obsolete, but I am loathe to remove it as someone may be using
it. I know that those builds do no really fall under the full rules, but I'd
appreciate your views on the matter.


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