Testing in USB

irlandes brucemcgovern at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 27 15:54:37 UTC 2011

Interesting. I haven't done much testing but 10.04 because I'd almost
rather take a beating than install a distro to suit my tastes.

If USB flash testing is good, I will have to take another look at it. I
have accumulated a significant number of flash drives, up to 16GB.  I
probably can't do dailies, because it takes too long to download.  But,
I can work on alphas and betas.

Thanks for info.

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> On 01/25/2011 10:27 PM, rypedgenes at operamail.com wrote:
> > I understand no hardware testing can be done in VM's...
> > With only the /daily releases sized for a cd, I'm limited.
> > So off I go...to re-install a foobar'ed daily, on my second partition!
> You are correct, however don't let that stop you from testing.  There's 
> no reason you couldn't test ANY of the daily ISO builds using VBox. 
> While we like having the ISOs tested on as many different types of 
> systems as possible, the act of ISO testing itself is valuable.  I'd be 
> willing to bet that at least 75% of all installer bugs are found on VMs 
> by people participating in ISO testing days.
> Also, you can test any of the ISOs on your laptop directly, regardless 
> of ISO size.  You can use usb-creator (it's under the 
> System/Administration menu) or unetbootin to make a bootable USB stick 
> from any of the ISO images.  Provided your laptop supports booting from 
> USB storage (most, if not all, modern ones do) it's easy.
> But like I said, do not discount the value of ISO testing on VMs.  We 
> use VMs a lot for testing the installer and other bits of Ubuntu that 
> aren't hardware specific.  There are just a few caveats to testing this 
> way.  For example, you can't do Wubi testing in VMs.  But most other 
> methods work just fine, including the rescue mode tests, as long as your 
> VM's disk file is big enough to support multiple partitions.  I usually 
> make mine about 22GB.
> Also, depending on your laptop hardware, don't count on being able to 
> run more than one at a time.  I can run 2 simultaneously, but slowly due 
> to disk I/O bottlenecks, but if I put them on external storage devices 
> (usb disks, I can run 3 or 4 in sync.
> In fact, I've even built small clouds to do some light UEC testing in 
> VMs and build development environments in VMs.
> Cheers
> Jeff
> ------------------------------

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