Changing a pixel

David Hutto smokefloat at
Sat Jan 22 18:34:08 UTC 2011

I'm at a loss for search terms on this, but is there a Linux command
to change a particular pixel on a screen?

The lawyer in me says argue...even if you're wrong. The scientist in
me... says shut up, listen, and then argue. But the lawyer won on
appeal, so now I have to argue due to a court order.

Furthermore, if you could be a scientific celebrity, would you want
einstein sitting around with you on saturday morning, while you're
sitting in your undies, watching Underdog?...Or better yet, would
Einstein want you to violate his Underdog time?

Can you imagine Einstein sitting around in his underware? Thinking
about the relativity between his pubic nardsac, and his Fruit of the
Looms, while knocking a few Dorito's crumbs off his inner brilliant
white thighs, and hailing E = mc**2, and licking the orangy,
delicious, Doritoey crust that layered his genetically rippled

But then again, J. Edgar Hoover would want his pantyhose intertwined
within the equation.

However, I digress, momentarily.

But Einstein gave freely, for humanity, not for gain, other than
personal freedom.

An equation that benefited all, and yet gain is a personal product.

Also, if you can answer it, is gravity anymore than interplanetary static cling?

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