Strange KATE problem after Update

irlandes brucemcgovern at
Fri Jan 7 15:08:40 UTC 2011

Two or three days ago, I got a major update for 10.04 in my Dell Vostro
laptop . I think when I enabled it, it mentioned something like 97 bug
fixes, if my quick glance was correct, which is probably a clue as to
which update it was.

An hour or two later, I needed KATE. I tend to type major Web postings
on KATE, then copy and paste when I finish.  This comes from too many
postings over the years lost by URL glitch.  Also, more important
postings, I tend to save to my HD for future reference. (I write a lot.)

I clicked the icon in the bar across the bottom, and got a KDE crash
handler message for KATE.  Again.  Again.

I opened a terminal and typed kate, and it came up normally.

When I finished my typing, I tried the icon again, and it again gave me
the crash handler.

I thought it over, and when I remembered the major update, I rebooted
and the KATE icon works perfectly now.

I realize this is no big deal for most home users who reboot from time
to time. TSC might get nasty, heh, heh, but I think they use Redhat.

And, I cannot supply the information you want, because by its nature it
is not duplicable.  But, it is so unusual to need to reboot to fully
implement an update that I felt I should at least mention it, even if it
is not a full fledged bug.

Had I not been engrossed in my posting, I would have chased it down.
Or, at least I'd like to think so.

To me, this installation of 10.04 is almost perfect. I had it on another
partition, and it developed a major mess up in Firefox scrolling which
to this date I was unable to fix. So, I simply reinstalled in another
partition, but this new one is the best OS I have ever had installed.  I
do so much with it, including major editing with GIMP of old damaged
photos. (1890 and newer.)  Love it. I have it on an old desktop
e-machine and it is that good, there, too.  I am sticking with it until
the boxes die or support runs out.

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