Outdated Laptop Test plan makes testing a less pleasant experience

Daniel Kulesz daniel.kulesz at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Oct 15 19:15:21 UTC 2010

Dear Ubuntu Testing Team members,

in the last few days, I tried to contribute to testing of the 10.10 release on 
various Laptops which I have or can use for that purpose. Unfortunately I made 
the experience, that the wiki with the Test plans is pretty outdated, and 
therefore many tests need to be marked as "failed" because the instructions 
are not appropiate. Some examples:

exc-001: There is no example folder / symlink anymore, the content was moved 
to /usr/share/example-content already some time ago. It is not clear which 
files / applications are targetted, and what the expected output is. (not only 
the applications should start correctly, but they should also handle the files 
snr-001: Entering the password is not needed when testing via LiveCD, this 
should be mentioned.
snr-002: Executing more than 30 cycles of sleep/wakeup could lead to hardware 
damage, limiting the cycles to 5 should be really enough!
him-001: It is not clear, if this applies only to internal card readers only.
khk-001: The expected behaviour is, that Ubuntu also shows the volume meter on 
screen; but on many older machines the volume is adjusted, but the user is not 
given appropiate (visual) feedback. This should be included in this test case 
as well, to spot the affected machines.
hsi-001: the media file "fables_01_01_aesop.spx" seems to be outdated, there 
is other media included in 10.10; It should be also verified, that the sound 
plays correctly and does not produce any stottering
hhi-001: see hsi-001
his-001: Changing refresh rate not covered
his-001: (video in general) there is no test case to test for fluent video 
playback (maybe except exc-001)
bfu-001: Not clear, what is meant by app - is this the whole operating system?
hpu-002: Ubuntu has various bugs regarding wrong paper size (especially A4 vs. 
letter) in some drivers, this should be verified here as well.
hpu-002, hds-001, hds-002, hds-003, hds-004 : missing here - at least some of 
them should be included into LaptopTesting as well, this is pretty important 
for many mobile users

Other, general aspects:
* the template for the Laptop entries 
(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Reports/Template) is *very* 
incomplete. Most people seem to include info like lshw output, dmidecode 
details etc. - why is this all missing in the template? Therefore, instead of 
re-using the template, testers have to copy/paste the structure around from 
existing reports.
* the main wiki page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop/Reports) has no 
consistency regarding the naming of the tested "editions" 

It would make testing Ubuntu (Pre-)Releases a much more pleasant experience, 
if you could update the test plan and look into the mentioned issues. I 
strongly believe there are much more people out there who would be willing to 
contribute to systematic Laptop Testing, but finding the wiki pages and test 
plan in the current (not very useable) state could be pretty frustrating.

Regards, Daniel

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