Improving Communication Feedback Report

Pedro Villavicencio Garrido pedro at
Wed Oct 6 12:27:23 UTC 2010

Hola Ara,

El mié, 06-10-2010 a las 09:15 +0200, Ara Pulido escribió:
> Hello all!
> During UDS Maverick we had a session about improving the communication
> channels in the Ubuntu QA team. It was more about improving processes,
> and using better and more often the channels that we already had.
> Now that the Maverick cycle is finishing is time to look back and see
> what work well and what didn't work that well, so we can discuss it
> during UDS Natty and keep improving our processes.
> *The IRC channels*
> We have three channels QA-related in use: #ubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-testing,
> #ubuntu-quality. These are the results from the survey when I asked the
> question "Are you familiar with the following IRC channels?"
>  * #ubuntu-testing: 91%
>  * #ubuntu-quality: 50%
>  * #ubuntu-bugs: 50%
> The channel #ubuntu-quality seems to be in need of some rethinking. Less
> people knows it, very few people actually use it. We should rethink the
> way we use this channel and explain better what's its purporse. Any ideas?

Well the issue is that the channel is just being used for the QA Meeting
but the rest of the week is really quiet, IIRC in the creation of the
channel the idea was to have a common place for people on the
#ubuntu-testing and #ubuntu-bugs to hang out but i don't see a lot of
discussions on it.

> Also, although the #ubuntu-bugs channel is used, only half of the people
> subscribed to Ubuntu QA is familiar with it. Pedro, can you prepare an
> email to Ubuntu QA explaining #ubuntu-bugs channel and other resources
> for triagers?

Yes, I'll prepare something and send it to the Ubuntu QA list.

Thanks for the survey results Ara!,


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