Improving communication (Call for feedback)

Ara Pulido ara at
Tue Oct 5 10:28:34 UTC 2010

Hello guys!

I would like to send a quick reminder about the feedback survey at:

If you haven't sent your feedback yet, please, do so today. Tomorrow
morning I will be closing the survey and I will send the report to the
mailing list.


On 30/09/10 16:54, Ara Pulido wrote:
> Hello all!
> During UDS Maverick, we had a session about how to improve communication
> in the Ubuntu QA team.
> In this cycle we have introduced a rotation in the meeting times to
> accommodate people in the different time zones. We also rotate the chair
> so it is less painful to send the notes on a weekly basis.
> We have been more active in the IRC channels and we will improve the new
> QA page step by step to make the documentation easier to find.
> After a cycle with this changes, now it is time to check if it really
> worked fine for most of the Ubuntu QA members.
> *Feedback*
> We need your feedback. I would appreciate if you could spend 5 minutes
> filling the survey at:
> Thanks a lot!
> Ara.

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