Call for feedback from new contributors to Ubuntu QA

Ara Pulido ara at
Fri Oct 1 15:09:16 UTC 2010

Hello folks!

If you have been contributing to Ubuntu QA less than 6 months (i.e. the
Maverick cycle), please, read on, we need your help.

Jono Bacon, Community Team Manager, is trying to discover how easy or
difficult is to start contributing in several areas of the Ubuntu
community, including QA [1].

We want to make it easier to people who wants to start contributing, but
we need how is like to be starting in Ubuntu QA.

I would appreciate if you could answer to the following questions:

 * How did you learn about this part of the community?
 * What attracted you to this type of participation?
 * Where did you look first for information on getting involved?
 * Did you feel the places you looked for information were useful? If
not, how could we improve?'
 * When learning skills and content for participating, were the
resources you used useful? If not, how could we improve?
 * What recommendations would you make for improving your experience in
our community?

You can answer by replying to the list, to my email privately, or even
by editing the wiki at:

Thanks in advance for your participation!


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