Kernel Bug Day Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

Jeremy Foshee jeremy.foshee at
Tue Nov 30 18:54:53 UTC 2010

    It's time for another Kernel Bug Day. We'll be focusing on the Bugs
tagged as regression-update [1]. There are currently 118 of these bugs 
with the vast majority needing tobe tested against the current release 
as well as the version under development. Any of you who would like to 
get a head start on triagingthes bugs, please feel free to do so. As usual, 
the resources needed to triage these bugs appropriately are located on the 
ubuntu wiki: General Triaging [2], Kernel Specific triage topics [3] and 
the Kernel Tagging page [4]. I'll be putting more information concerning 
this bug day up on the wiki [5] so check it often. Please feel free to 
contact me with any questions you may have.




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