Recommendations in the Launchpad Results Tracker

Marc Tardif marc at
Wed Nov 10 15:21:16 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

In order to encourage the community to perform more testing with the advent
of the Launchpad Results Tracker, I was thinking it might be useful to
include the concept of recommendations as popularized by Amazon. So, when
someone has submitted test results for one or more projects, the Tracker
could recommend other projects which might be of interest based on other
people's testing.

One requirement would be to provide recommendations real time as opposed
to processing the data periodically. So, as soon as a person submits test
results, the recommendations would be updated immediately. The motivation
is that people will be looking at their test results immediately after
submitting them rather than the day after.

Ultimately, the objective is to hold on to testers and keep them
interested, so your comments and other ideas are most welcome!

Marc Tardif <marc.tardif at>
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