Meeting notes 2010/11/03 (and meeting today at 19UTC!)

Ara Pulido ara at
Wed Nov 10 12:43:35 UTC 2010

Hello all,

Sorry for being late with the notes.

== SRU Testing (jibel) ==

 * Over the past 2 weeks 187 packages have been published to stable
releases. The complete report can be found at

 * There was a discussion about including SRU testing opportunities in
as there is also an ongoing effort of adding triaging opportunities to

== UDS Feedback (all) ==

 * People missed the QA roundtable. We are bringing it back in the next UDS.
 * People found hard to find QA related topics with the new tracks. A
possible solution would be to tag (and this was Marjo proposal) each
session with relevant tags.

== AOB ==

 * Marjo reminded the need of updating the blueprints

This summary and the complete logs are available at:

Next meeting is today at 19:00UTC. Pedro will be chairing the meeting.


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