Ubuntu QA Meeting Minutes - 05/26/2010

Ara Pulido ara at ubuntu.com
Thu May 27 10:12:14 UTC 2010

== Meeting logs ==


== Actions from last meeting ==


== SRU Testing (sbeattie) ==

As usual, Steve Beattie gave us a nice summary of the SRU activity last
week. After that, we discussed about having the archive of these reports
somewhere in the wiki as well. Steve took the action item and, efficient
as he is, the reports are already in the wiki!

The latest report as well as an archive of previous ones can be found at:


I won't repeat the information here. Go there, much nicer presentation.

Also, Steve points out that help is always needed! You can check what
needs testing at:


== Bug Day status (pedro_) ==

The Bugsquad team are doing a great job keeping the bug days weekly
cadence. Last week they had an Update Manager one and they got to triage
41 bugs!

If you know these people, txwikinger, micahg, kamusin, mistrynitesh,
brunogirin, jibel, yofel, paulduf, odd-rationale, gregbair and
effie-jayx, give them a hug. They help making Ubuntu better. Thanks!

Today they are running an Epiphany Browser Bug Day:


Help always welcome! You can join the Bugsquad at #ubuntu-bugs

== Results of the meetings time poll (ara) ==

After a week voting, the winner meeting time was 19:00 UTC.
Unfortunately, the Edubuntu team is having a meeting at the same hour.

We decided to do the following:

 * Next meeting is still at 17:00 UTC
 * hggdh will ask stgraber how often they are having Edubuntu meetings
 * If Edubuntu meetings are not weekly, we will take the same slot
 * If they are weekly, we will hold our meeting at #ubuntu-quality instead

== Blueprints update (all) ==

=== qa-maverick-mentoring-program ===

Update: 1 person who decided to step down and 1 update (ogasawara->JFo)

qense gave us a very nice summary of the intentions of this blueprint.

Well, the first thing we said was that it was clear the mentoring
program wasn't exactly working perfectly. We had some mentors on the
list, and there were some students on that list as well, but no one was
really doing much. Students wouldn't show up after someone would have
accepted them, mentors rarely did accept students.

We saw that it was needed to get some people that would do the
assignment of students because otherwise it would not happen.
We decided on a mentorship 'admins' group, consisting of hggdh, pedro_,
charlie-tca and myself (for optimal timezone coverage), which would be
responsible for assigning students to mentors. It would then be up to
the mentors to do the rest. They would also have to give a monthly
status update during either one of the weekly Bug Squad meetings, or via
the mailing list.

hggdh pointed out that they would still like to get an admin from the
Asia/Pacific TZ, in order to cover all TZs.

=== qa-maverick-improve-iso-tracker ===

ara called for help to complete some of the tasks for this blueprint:


It is PHP and Drupal, but some tasks require basic knowledge.

txwikinger, who is a PHP developer, showed some interest. ara is going
to send him and email to explain the process.

== Sound Card Compatibility Testing (awbancroft) ==

awbancroft was not present. Ara will send him an email to see if he
wants to postpone the topic for next week

== Actions ==

 * sbeattie to create a SRU reports archive in the wiki - DONE!
 * hggdh to talk to stgraber about Edubuntu meetings
 * ara to send an email to txwikinger about the ISO tracker work
 * ara to send an email to awbancroft about Sound Card Compatibility Testing

Next meeting: June 2nd, 17:00 UTC, at #ubuntu-meeting
Meeting chair will be sbeattie.


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