Improving IRC QA Meetings

Ara Pulido ara at
Wed May 19 09:02:55 UTC 2010

On 05/19/2010 10:37 AM, Paolo Sammicheli wrote:
> Alle 10:57 del 18/5/2010, Ara Pulido ha scritto:
>> Some of our members
>> couldn't attend at this time, so we proposed rotating the meeting hours.
>> *Paolo* will send a poll asking for an additional meeting time.
> Hi everybody,
> I just set up a poll with doodle. You don't need any registration on it, just go on the 
> following link, type your name and select the preferred time.


I have seen a couple of issues on the poll. Please, refrain from voting
until we fix those.

First, the times are not UTC, you're using the "meeting" kind of poll in
the doodles website, which allows you to change to your time zones. This
has been proved to be a very difficult way to arrange worldwide
meetings, because of daylight savings, etc. Please, use a normal poll in
doodle (not the meeting one) to avoid this feature to appear.

Also, you have included 17:00UTC as an option. This is our current
meeting time, and it is fixed. We are voting *another* different time to
rotate every other week. Therefore, voting for 17:00UTC makes little
sense. Please, do not include 17:00UTC as option. We already have that
one :-)

Paolo, please, change the poll and call for voting when done.


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