Call For Testing: New Kernel Firewire stack in Maverick

Phillip Whiteside phillw at
Thu Jul 8 19:42:30 UTC 2010

Hi Jeremy,

can you also make a posting to As that is where the Meerkat
testers live on the main forum. They do not bite, and I'm sure those with
firewire would be happy to contribute (I'm sure if you ask, you can get the
posting made into a stickie).

If this is not possible, I'm happy to post the request up on to there & keep
you updated with replies.



On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 8:05 PM, Jeremy Foshee
<jeremy.foshee at>wrote:

> Folks,
>   The Ubuntu Kernel Team would like your help testing the new firewire
> stack for Maverick. Please let us know the results of your testing via
> this e-mail thread.
> The new stack is already enabled in the latest Maverick kernel so all
> that is needed is the testing at this point. Please note, this is only
> for the Maverick kernel. The changes have not been made in Lucid
> Further details can be found on the Call for Testing pages of the Kernel
> wiki [1].
> Thanks!
> ~JFo
> [1]
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