Should we create a "distro-upgrade testing" team?

Ara Pulido ara at
Fri Jul 2 09:16:47 UTC 2010

Hello Lance!

Sorry for this very late reply.

On 14/06/10 17:28, Lance wrote:
> Thank you Ronald. It may be helpful to introduce myself, some here may
> recognize me as "Lance" from iso-testing, or Erick Brunzell at
> Launchpad, and I'm kansasnoob at the forums. I'm just an end user with
> no tech skills but I love Ubuntu.
> One reason for me thinking that "distro-upgrade" testing may be very
> useful is that I've noticed a great many bugs get addressed in
> iso-testing either with an actual bug fix or at least a mention in the
> Release Notes. I attribute a great deal of that to the addition of the
> "iso-testing" tag to those bug reports. Suffice it to say that Ara
> Pulido and all involved have made iso-testing relatively easy and IMHO
> quite successful.
> The most direct reason is this bug:
> It would probably be more time efficient to read my post #10 here:
> IMHO that bug should never have seen the light of day in Lucid final
> but, as I said at the forums, I blew it doing just informal testing :^(
> So, I'm a bit unsure how to kick off this discussion, but perhaps with a
> question:
> Would it be best to include upgrade testing in iso-testing since it has
> a proven and successful track record, or should it be totally separate,
> perhaps shaped on the basic "template" followed for creating iso-testing?

But we already test upgrades during ISO testing. You can check the
latest results at:

Or do you mean some other thing?

Well, apart of that I would agree that maybe people are not that
concerned about the ISO tracker. How do you think we should deal with
is? How can we promote a distro-upgrade testing team?

> Someone else asked at Ayatana (where I mistakenly originated this
> request) about upgrades using the Alternate CD and after pulling up a
> Maverick Alpha1 test I see that's not among the options:

I agree, it is not among the options but, if it was, it would have been
under Upgrades, and not the Alternate test cases.

> I seldom use the alternate so I know little about it, but I will ask the
> person who inquired to reply to this list.
> Thanks again to Ronald and thanks in advance to all others.

Thanks to you for starting this conversation. I would love to see people
replying to this thread with their thoughts about Upgrade Testing and
how to improve to avoid future bugs like the one you mentioned.


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