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Here are the minutes of our weekly QA Meeting at #ubuntu-quality. They
can also be found online with the IRC logs at

= Summary =

Topic: review previous action items (all)
No previous items

Topic: SRU Report -- jibel

Here is the list of SRUs for the previous week:
 * A total of 31 packages have been published to maverick
 * 15 packages published to maverick-updates: banshee,
   banshee-community-extensions, deluge, gexiv2, gwibber, ibus,
   kexec-tools, linaro-image-tools, msttcorefonts, pianobar,
   rhythmbox-radio-browser, telepathy-haze, tomboy, vm-builder,
 * 8 packages published to maverick-security: bind9, chromium-browser,
   chromium-browser, imagemagick, linux-ports-meta, openssl,
   phpmyadmin, wireshark
 * 8 packages published to maverick-proposed: linux,
   linux-backports-modules-2.6.35, linux-meta, linux-ports-meta,
   purple-plugin-pack, qemu-kvm, schroot, software-center
 * A total of 20 packages have been published to lucid
 * 6 packages published to lucid-updates: dnsmasq, etherboot, grub2,
   openjdk-6, qemu-kvm, rhythmbox-radio-browser
 * 8 packages published to lucid-security: bind9, chromium-browser,
   chromium-browser, imagemagick, linux-ports-meta, openssl, paste,
 * 6 packages published to lucid-proposed: apparmor, cloud-init,
   git-core, mysql-dfsg-5.1, testdrive, update-inetd
 * A total of 6 packages have been published to karmic
 * 1 package published to karmic-updates: openjdk-6
 * 4 packages published to karmic-security: bind9, imagemagick,
   openssl, quagga
 * 1 package published to karmic-proposed: nspluginwrapper
 * A total of 8 packages have been published to hardy
 * 2 packages published to hardy-updates: mailman, openjdk-6
 * 4 packages published to hardy-security: bind9, imagemagick, openssl,
 * 2 packages published to hardy-proposed: apparmor, spamassassin
 * A total of 3 packages have been published to dapper-security: bind9,
   openssl, quagga This makes a total of 68 SRUs this week. 

Thanks to all the testers !

Topic: Bugday -- pedro_

 * No bug day was organized for the previous week due to alpha1
 * This Thursday Dec 09, we're having a bug day based on Compiz
    * The main focus is to catch bugs on Natty, so if you use Compiz on
      Natty please help us

Topic: Any Other Business
     * Please note: software-centre and compiz on top 5 list
 * Last week was Natty Alpha 1 ISO Testing, the results are available
     * Thanks to all the ISO Testers.
     * The Italian team did a great work.
 * Next meeting is 2010-12-15 at 17:00 UTC; chair will be bdmurray


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