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Here are the minutes of our weekly QA Meeting at #ubuntu-quality. They
can also be found online with the IRC logs at

Topic: review previous action items (all)

No previous items

Topic: SRU Report -- jibel

 * not a very active week on the SRU front with 63 packages published
   to stable releases

 * The complete list is available at


 * Thanks to Alan N, Kenny, bcbc, Benjamin Drung (bdrung), David
   Bercovitz (berco), Ross Ashley, Daniel Nicoletti (dantti), aftertaf
   (aftertaf), Luca Ferretti (elleuca), NoOp, Jim Richards, Guy
   Thouret, I Kovalev, Gianvito Cavasoli (Janvitus), jayseye, Jussi
   Schultink (jussio1), Eric Hough, Anton Kudris, leighman (leighman),
   Mauro, Gediminas Paulauskas (menesis), Micah Gersten (micahg),
   Dmitry Shachnev, Martin Wildam, Naty Bidart (nessita), Petr A.
   Sokolnikov (New_Wind), Rolf Leggewie, Srecko Toroman (misreckoning)
   and Scott Salley (ssalley) for testing packages in -proposed.

 * As always, you can see the current set of packages needing testing
   in the -proposed queue at . Your
   assistance in testing is always appreciated!

Topic: Bugday -- pedro_

 * Last Thursday we had a bug day for Banshee , the particion was ok,
   ~45 of 81 bugs were triaged during the bug day

 * The progress is on

 * Thanks a lot rocking contributors kamusin and micahg for working on
   it, great work folks!

 * 2010-12-02 we are not having a bug day because of Natty Alpha1. We
   rather want to be focused on ISO Testing, so if you have time help
   us with ISO testing

Topic: Any Other Business

  * According to hggdh & pedro, all TODO work items are still on-track
for Alpha-1

  * QA Dashboard has been moved to:

 * With the change to unity and compiz, we need hardware testing.
Trying to test in virtual machines will fail.


  * for untested images:

 * Chair for next meeting will be charlie-tca

Next meeting will be 2010-12-08 at 18:00 UTC. 
next chair.


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