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Tue Oct 13 10:30:54 UTC 2009

Rakesh PK wrote:

> I tried Karmic Kola Beta release. But I am not satisfied with its
> default desktop Background, theme etc. The colour schemes are little bit
> dull.
> -Rakeh PK

Hi Rakesh,

The problem with default themes and wallpapers, is that it' s a matter
of taste. One person prefers dark themes and the other one light themes.

Ubuntu developers are by no means able to please everybody. Thats (IMHO)
the reason why they keep it simple.
Fortunately you are able to change the theme yourself easily.

Just check out http://www.gnome-look.org

There are 100's of Free and Gratis themes, iconsets, wallpapers ect.

If that's not enough, simply click the "get additional themes" link in
the lower left corner of the theme manager.

A google search came up with this tutorial:



Please keep in mind no development team can please everyone.


With kind regards,


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