Eucalyptus UEC-003 Test Results

Joseph Salisbury josephtsalisbury at
Fri Oct 9 23:54:11 UTC 2009


I completed the testcase UEC-003 as it is listed on:

There were no errors reported during any of the steps listed in the
testcase.  However, I did notice that there was not a step listed to
specifically add the "Node Controller" installed in testcase UEC-002.
Then again, I'm still fairly new with Eucalyptus ;-)

One thing I did notice was that the "Node Controller" was not
available on the network(Or from the Cluster Controller) via ssh,
ping, etc by using the IP address specified during installation.
Maybe this is to be expected?

I'll experiment more with this configuration and report any possible bugs.

Just let me know if anyone wants me to run some specific tests or
continue with new tests that would be a followup to UEC-003.  Also, I
have the standard output from all the setups run for this testcase -
if anyone is interested in seeing it.



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