Edward Drake wants to share approved contacts on Boxbe

Edward Drake invitations at boxbe.com
Thu Aug 20 09:38:04 UTC 2009

I'd like to share approved contacts with you on Boxbe

Here's the link: https://www.boxbe.com/register?tc=335501969_1853812328


Please do not reply directly to this email.  This message was sent at the 
request of edh.drake at gmail.com.  Boxbe will not use your email address for 
any other purpose.  Click the link below if you would prefer not to 
receive any further invitations from Boxbe members:  

Boxbe integrates with Yahoo!, Gmail, and AOL email addresses.  Get Boxbe today!

Boxbe, Inc. | 2390 Chestnut Street #201 | San Francisco, CA 94123

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