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Caesar shcaesar at
Mon Sep 29 17:53:16 UTC 2008

Dear QA-Team,

I am writing to express my interest of taking part in the Ubuntu QA-Team,
But I don't know if you are still looking for people.

I am a software engineer of Advanced Software Center (ASC) of  Compal
Electronics, Inc. whose major responsibilities to the incorporation are
developing linux-based OS for the Production Dept. of the same incorporation
and some programes used for particular projects, such as SIM lock tools,
image-creating tools (a suit of image-creator like tools), as well as test
utilities for some productions that we make, take MID and Netbook. (Sorry
that I cannot tell you too much details about these because maybe they are
related to some commercial info. security issues.)
As to myself, I think I can say I have had some sorts of development
experience of the real industry world because I am one of the crew of all
the projects mentioned previously. However, I think that this is definitely
not enough for my career. Thus, I am planning to join the Ubuntu's community
and learn more from other people coming from all over the world. Besides,
the community that Ubuntu provides is a platform where I can make some
contributions to other people. I appreciate an opportunity you provide to
pursue this purpose.

I am looking forward to have you advice on this matter and please feel free
to let me know if you need more other infomation.

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