New bug report - no package w/ attachments

Mike Rooney mrooney at
Mon Sep 22 23:01:55 UTC 2008

On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 5:55 PM, Wolfger <wolfger at> wrote:
> Nice idea! Looks like updating once per day may not be ideal, though.
> Would be nice if it was update more often (or if it could be an
> on-demand search query. My initial trial of this immediately led me to
> bugs other people had already assigned packages to (presumably using
> this tool)

I noticed this too but that is most likely because it was just
announced by Brian today. In the future when there isn't a rush to
such a resource, daily would probably be fine. For now just try
scrolling to a random position instead of starting from the top (or

However Brian, have you considered or are you logging the counts each
fetch iteration to graph such things? Making something like this
visible on the page could be neat to get a visible feedback on
progress, like the bug count QA package graphs.

Mike Rooney
mrooney at

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