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Thu Sep 11 19:54:54 UTC 2008


The QA team has a presence in the weekly Release Team IRC meetings and
should prepare and present a brief QA status report for those meetings.
They focus on the next upcoming release, so they're currently focused
on Intrepid development, but as things like the next 8.04 point release
comes up, it will change.

In order to facilitate this, I've set up a wiki page at to collect information for
the next upcoming meeting. I've currently listed the items we came up with
in yesterday's QA team as information to collect, which are as follows:

 * serious bugs we've found, not yet on the milestone list
 * bugs that need their priority/attention increased
 * the state of our testing infrastructure - including blocking bugs
   for automation, kvm, etc
   * these may not be blockers for the release as such, but makes
     testing difficult
 * new regressions (of some minimum threshold of importance?)
 * iso/smoke/automated testing results
 * basic bug stats relevant to release?

This could use some fleshing out (in particular, the last item). Please
feel free to make comments and suggest other relevant information that
we should report.

We'll also keep this as a standing agenda item in our
weekly IRC meeting.  Archived reports should be kept at .

Thanks in advance!

Steve Beattie
<sbeattie at>
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