Regarding virtualbox images for bugsquad/testing

Anthony Noto angusthefuzz at
Thu Oct 30 22:40:17 UTC 2008


I recently noticed that the list of vmware/virtualbox images located
here<>is outdated.  This page can
be reached through the bugsquad
knowledgebase <>.  After a
chat with bdmurray on #ubuntu-bugs (, I was directed to
this listserv for discussion.  Through my own triage work, I have found
virtualbox images of default ubuntu installs to be invaluable.  Virtualbox
images are especially helpful when trying to recreate bugs in obscure
packages that I would not want on my own system.  After testing these
packages, reverting the image back to the default snapshot resets the
install for the next bug that requires confirmation.  Let me know how I can
help bring this image list up to date, as I think it would be a valuable
resource for all.  Thank you.

Anthony Noto
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