Power button and logout

Mike Rooney mrooney at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 16:24:58 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

Regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/252795, where the power
button in Intrepid presents a logout dialog instead of the power
options dialog, can anyone comment on the plans for it (is there a
larger metabug for it?).

I understand that the session options have been separated from the
power options, which I found quite nice together, so I was wondering
what the reasoning for that was.

And most importantly, is the plan really to not present laptop users
with power options when they press the power button? This seems
incredibly reasonable (power button -> power options), but also is the
expected default behavior from previous releases. I suppose you could
argue either way you lose expected behavior since some might expect
session options which would no longer be there if the power dialog was
presented instead.

This seems like a serious QA issue to me but maybe I am just missing
something. Was there discussion on this I missed? The bug report is
rather uninformative.

Mike Rooney
mrooney at gmail.com

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