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Ed Cahill edcahill at charter.net
Sat Mar 1 21:20:07 UTC 2008

I  keep trying to subscribe to your web sit but it will not let me change my password or allow me to post comments on your web site http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/item/1957/.
This is the user name I was using: Ed Cahill
This is the password it gave me: jWGeXNCHNr
This is the password I would like to use: cluckers

All I wanted to do was post this comment:

I very much agree with idea #1957 I told the Ubuntu Installer NOT to over write the mbr. (Or so I thought)  but it did it anyway. I HATE that. This is windows like behavior where widows does what it wants instead of what you tell it to do. I wanted it to install the boot loader to a floppy so I could use the windows boot loader to load Linux. I have not been able to get Ubuntu to boot from a floppy. Can any one tell me how? I have been able to do this with other Linux's but not Ubuntu. I can't but feel sorry for all the inexperienced windows users who wanted to try Linux, installed Ubuntu and had their windows mbr overwritten by the Ubuntu Installer and lost access to their windows installation.  And what bothers me most is you don't even tell them how to restore the windows mbr. How many people end up having to reinstalling windows and losing much data thanks to the Ubuntu Installer? You discourage people from trying Linux when you destroy their windows installation. The Ubuntu installer should NEVER over write the mbr without permission. The Ubuntu Installer is not easier when it gives you no install options just stupider so please fix this.

Ed Cahill
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