ISO tracker and HW-certification site merge - overview

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Thu Jul 31 07:46:58 UTC 2008

Mike Rooney wrote:
> Great work, this sounds like an excellent, wonderful, and needed
> overhaul to help Ubuntu (and Linux) take the next step.
> I think this would put the framework in place for allowing users to
> search for a list of compatible machines based on what they need. For
> example, I could search for a machine with out-of-the box support
> based on specifications like: laptop, webcam, microphone, media keys,
> etc. Once we have something like this, we make it easy for users to
> select their system based on Ubuntu, and not the other way around,
> turning the tables on the current sales/marketing/development
> selection pressures.
> When people can easily vote for Ubuntu-compatible systems with their
> wallet, I think we have a serious win-win situation on our hands, and
> a force not to be quickly overlooked!
> Any thoughts regarding this?

We have that to some extent for validated systems here:

though it's not as searchable or informative as it could be.


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