ISO tracker and HW-certification site merge - overview

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Wed Jul 30 13:50:52 UTC 2008

Hi all,

At last week's meeting I said I would send out an overview of the work 
on merging the Ubuntu ISO tracking and Canonical hardware certification 

We had originally decided to do this simply because we wanted to add 
automated test case submission to the ISO tracker and because the 
tracker site needed a general rewrite. In the meantime the certification 
team has joined Ubuntu QA with the general aim of making the testing 
work for certification more integrated with the development and release 
process, so all the more reason now.

Functionality from the Ubuntu QA ISO tracking site will be 
re-implemented in the python/zope codebase of the certification site. 
The objective is to leverage the automation tools of the hardware 
certification process to do automated reporting of ISO test results, 
while retaining the functionality of the current ISO tracking site.

Test results will be submitted from a QA testing tool (based on the 
current hwtest tool). This will be available on Live CDs and installed 
systems, making it possible to run a range of automated and manual tests 
from these environments and upload results, which will then be 
automatically updated on the new QA ISO tracking website. The revised 
site will be accessible to the ubuntu community (the current 
certification site at is for 
Canonical and its certification customers only).

The people working on this project include Stéphane Graber, the original 
developer of the QA ISO tracking site, as well as David Murphy and Marc 
Tardif who have been working on the Canonical certification website and 
tools. They are currently in close collaboration to deliver more 
automation to the ISO testing process before the beta release of Intrepid.


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