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Philip Wyett philip.wyett at
Mon Jul 14 19:24:06 UTC 2008

Hi all,

After general fruitful discussion on #ubuntu-quality I have been asked to
pushing emails to this list with questions and suggestions for a wider
and opinion.

=== Team Wiki Font Page ===

The front page of the team wiki in the Quality Assurance section does not
point to the QATeam top level page.

What are the key pages you feel should be pointed to related to QA on the
front page of ?

=== Canonical Test Hardware ===

What hardware test facilities does Canonical have ?

What is the hardware in these facilities ?

Would developers be in favour of adding sub-pages to their wiki pages that
details the hardware they use to devlop and test Ubuntu ? As a long term
this maybe used to isolate problem hardware from bug reports etc. and
the capital expenditure of Canonical or others make that hardware available
to one or developers.


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