Brainstorm Guidelines

Saïvann oxmosys at
Fri Apr 11 06:04:23 UTC 2008

I often works in brainstorm to moderate ideas and set ideas as
duplicates and I believe that we should really give a particular
attention to this idea :

There is actually no guidelines for brainstorm ideas, so we get ideas
for almost everything, and people does not know if what they do actually
helps or just pollutes brainstorm.

Example :

Should people open ideas about upstream projects that canonical can't fix?

Also, there is no guidelines to write a new idea, the result is sometime
very poor described ideas. The initial description of a idea is VERY
important and should not be modified once people started to vote. People
need to have relevant examples to be able to write complete and
"readable" ideas.

I'm ready to discuss and work on this.

Thanks to the ubuntu-qa team for improving brainstorm!


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