Brainstorm - cancel duplicate

Saïvann oxmosys at
Wed Apr 9 21:16:57 UTC 2008

Stéphane Graber a écrit :
> Saïvann wrote:
> > Hi
> > It happens regularly that people contest the decision of making their
> > ideas a duplicate and that we want to set back an idea as "not a
> > duplicate", but as a moderator, I don't have access to such tool. If
> > this functionality does not exist yet, I believe that implementing this
> > would avoid a lot of frustration from the people that post ideas since a
> > lot of ideas often really looks like duplicate, but finally are just
> > misunderstood or not well described.
> > If setting an idea back to "not a duplicate" is available only for
> > administrator, can someone set this idea back as not a duplicate?
> >
> > The global idea is still to donate money but each idea demonstrates a
> > different system.
> We have it implemented in the devel branch and it'll be uploaded with
> the next set of fixes, probably today.
> Stéphane

Thank you very much for that great work!


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