Smoke testing restored - ADB host up

Paul Larson paul.larson at
Mon Mar 24 18:12:19 UTC 2014

The ADB host system for Ubuntu Touch smoke tests is operational again,
and running tests on flo and manta.  Prior to this system coming back
up, the CI team was able to move the jobs for mako to device running
on another host temporarily.  Some dependency changes in the image
causing some unforeseen test failures with click apps have now been
identified and resolved in the infrastructure, so the currently
running tests should be producing good results now.

Further, minor changes will occur today to get things back to where
they need to be:
1. Mako tests will complete on the existing devices, then transition
back to the original ADB host for image 257
2. The mako devices borrowed from s-jenkins will be returned to their
original pool

These changes will not require downtime, and should be transparent.
The CI team will continue to monitor smoke test jobs for anything else
that seems out of the ordinary.  Finally, the CI team will take what
we learned here to add procedures for quicker failover and more fault
tolerance if something like this should ever happen again.

For now, the planned upgrade for the other ADB host (okiku) is on hold
so that we can look into getting a new usb hub that should prevent a
similar incident when it is upgraded. When we reschedule that upgrade,
there will be an announcement again.

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