Ubuntu-Pakistan Ubuntu Pakistani Guru Challenge 2010

Fouad Bajwa fouadbajwa at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 19:48:55 BST 2010

Are you Pakistan's Ubuntu Guru?

Ubuntu is a powerful free and open source Linux-based operating system
for business, education and home use. Ubuntu is both freely
downloadable from (http://www.ubunut.com) and freely available as a
sharable CD provided and shipped through (http://shipit.ubuntu.com).
Ubuntu is developed by a global community of users and is freely as
well as commercially supported through various organizations across

The success of Ubuntu Linux (http://www.ubuntu.com) in Pakistan today
is marked by it's widespread usage across various sectors of society
since its introduction in to the country in 2004. Both Ubuntu Desktop
and Servers have been introduced into schools, colleges, universities,
non-profits, government and private sector organizations in all types
of single to multi-user environments. Over 12000 Pakistanis across the
country have been trained on Ubuntu since 2005 and efforts are
underway to train thousands more.

As a testimony to Ubuntu's success, we would like to share a recent
Ubuntu enterprise implementation as a case study where the EOBI,
Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution, Ministry of Labour and
Manpower, Government of Pakistan has successfully implemented Ubuntu
on the desktop and serverside across its offices in Pakistan. EOBI has
40 Ubuntu Servers and 250 Ubuntu Desktop Clients.

EOBI is an examplary Ubuntu Desktop and Server Implementation within a
Public Sector Enterprise environment. Ubuntu has enabled EOBI to
implement a cost effective ICT infrastructure as well as secured and
streamlined its organizational activities. EOBI's migration was
implemented by Khaldun Systems (IKS) Karachi
(http://www.ibnkhaldun.com.pk) and managed by Mr. Ayaz Uqaili, Project
Director, EOBI.

Such examples shared with the community build and strengthen the Free
& Open Source Software (FOSS) Community in Pakistan as well as spread
Ubuntu Linux's message that it has become a mainstream operating
system. In order to continue to recognize the successful Ubuntu
leaders and success stories in Pakistan, Ubuntu Pakistan announces the
"Ubuntu Pakistan Guru Challenge 2010".

What you'll do to participate: Share your Ubuntu Linux implementation
story. It doesn't matter whether it was a success or failure! Ubuntu
Pakistan wants to hear it!

What we'll do:
We will give you a prize as well as develop case studies and promote
them across Pakistan and the world!

Ubuntu Guru 1st Prize (1):
The best implementation story's leader will receive:

- first ever title "Pakistani Ubuntu Guru" and a story about you!
- unique "Ubuntu Guru - Ask me about Ubuntu" T-Shirt (size:L) - Show
it in style!
- team appreciation letter that you can frame or flash it around with your CV!
- Ubuntu Laptop Sticker (Large)
- Recognition throughout the FOSS community in Pakistan and globally!

2nd Prize (2): Ubuntu T-Shirt

3rd Prize (5): Ubuntu Laptop Sticker

Terms & Conditions:

- Should be a citizen of Pakistan located in Pakistan and Ubuntu user

- Should be a member of the Ubuntu Pakistan Team on Facebook at:

- Should post their story on the Ubuntu Pakistan Team Facebook Page
URL given above.

- Last date for submissions 1st of June 2010!

- Facebook Challenge Page:

- Send a copy of your story with your name, address, cell/phone
numbers, NIC card no and picture to fouadbajwa [@] gmail.com.

* It would be nice if you can post a link to your picture with their
laptop or desktop machine running Ubuntu on the Facebook group page so
we know you're real ;o)

The Ubuntu Pakistani Guru Challenge 2010 is now officially on!!!!

Fouad Bajwa
Ubuntu Pakistan Team

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