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Fouad Riaz Bajwa fouadbajwa at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 09:15:37 BST 2007

PTCL launches metered Internet Service on Nationwide Telephone Network

By Fouad Bajwa

(BytesForAll Pakistan) Pakistan is set on the path to become one of first
developing country in the low-income category of the development index to
promote and embrace the widespread usage of Internet in the region. The
national telecom company of Pakistan, PTCL (www.ptcl.com.pk) Pakistan
Telecommunication Company Limited has launched a metered Internet Service on
its nationwide telephonic landline network at a flat rate of Rs. 0.10 Paisas
per minute (U$0.0017) operative in all Provincial Capitals of the country
and will shortly be launching in all cities, villages and corners of the

PTCL has offered "phone n net" service as the most convenient landline
internet solution for its subscribers that convert a user's phone into a
basic internet connection enabling no hassle direct internet access. There
are no associated up-front costs and balance issues with no expiry or forced
usage. Users can also enable code barring to restrict internet access. The
service is currently available in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad while it
will be enabled on all landlines nationwide in a short span of time.

Users may simply connect to the internet by plugging their PTCL telephone
lines into their computer's modems and login to a generic usage account with
the login id "PTCL" and password "ptcl" while dialing an ISP dial-up access
number "13177777". The billing appears on regular telephone utility bills
distributed on a monthly basis to PTCL subscribers.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), a government owned entity
was privatized in 2005 with Emirates Telecommunications Corporation Etisalat
transferring 26 per cent stake in. This step was hailed as ushering in a new
era for telecommunications in Pakistan and the Phone n net service appears
to be the first step towards making this a reality. If PTCL fulfills its
commitment to offer this internet service throughout Pakistan, it will be
giant-leap towards reducing the digital divide and enhancing ICT enabled
growth in the region as an example for others to follow.

Phone n Net Service

About PTCL:
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is Pakistan’s largest
converged services carrier providing all telecommunications services from
basic voice telephony to data, internet, video-conferencing and carrier
services to consumers and businesses all over the country.

About BytesForAll Pakistan
BytesForAll Pakistan is part of the BytesForAll South Asia Network.
BytesForAll (also known as B4A or BfA) is a South Asian initiative to focus
on how information technology and the internet can help in taking up social
development issues. It is one of the oldest ICT4D (information and
communication technologies for development) networks in South Asia. It was
launched at a time when ICT4D was yet to become a buzz-word on the
development circuit, and was still largely unnoticed for its potential. 

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