Ubuntu-Pakistan how to translate Ubuntu ... the 4 step guide :)

Waqas Toor waqasnasirtoor at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 20:17:08 BST 2007

Hello Ubuntuers,

i was wondering that how about a distribution that is fully supported in Urdu ?
so i think now we have a chance ... after understanding ubuntu and the
flexibility in the approach to translate it to our native language, i
came up with a small guide about how to translate ubuntu.

Now, for a start my guide will show you all the steps required to
easily translate ubuntu's desktop and other application

Its not a big guide just 8 pages :) so atleast give it a try :)

will be waiting for comments and suggestions

Waqas Toor
member of Ubuntu Pakistani Team
waqas at ubuntu-pk.org

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