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Fawad Halim fawad at fawad.net
Wed Sep 6 01:36:00 BST 2006

Noumaan Yaqoob wrote:
> Many Urdu translators often faced situations when they encountered English
> phrases that seem impossible to be translated. There were questions about
> the co-ordination among different translators group and how to maintain a
> consistency throughout the journey. Which common words we should adopt and
> what should be our strategy to deal with words.
> At Urdu Web dot org, I have released the first beta version of Urdu Word
> Bank.
> http://l10n.urduweb.org/dictionary/edit.php
> It is much like a wiki dictionary project where Urdu software translators
> and people from other feilds can share their knowledge and experience about
> translations. Suppose if you come a across the word "Copy" while translating
> a text editor. And you used word "نقل" for it, we would like you to visit us
> at Urdu Bank and add this translation there. Now if another user comes
> across the same word and they look at the Urdu Word Bank they can find out
> how other people has translated this particular word.
> Please help us with this project. We are hopeful that it would serve as a
> base for many translators in years to come. To make this experience easy and
> extremely good we need your time and efforts.
> Noumaan
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This is very cool. I can find some problems in the current code. Would 
you be willing to share the code for the app so I can possibly 
contribute some patches?


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