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Fouad Riaz Bajwa bajwa at fossfp.org
Thu Jun 22 08:53:56 BST 2006

Dear Muhammad Shoaib, 


Ubuntu-Linux has only recently launched Ubuntu-Linux 6.06 in June 2006 so
there were no possibilities to order Ubuntu-Linux 6.06 before June 2006
because till then it was in development and testing phase. As you may
recall, we sent out the notification in early this month that:


" The Ubuntu-Pakistan LoCo Team & FOSSFP: Free and Open Source Software
Foundation of Pakistan are pleased to announce the release of the latest
Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS supporting Desktops and Servers in Pakistan. You may
order your CDs free of charge through the newly updated Ubuntu Ship-It
Website at http://shipit.ubuntulinux.org."


I hope this clarifies your query. We encourage you to order your CDs of the
latest version of Ubuntu-Linux and freely distribute them to your
neighbours, friends and family as well as colleagues at office. Help prevent
Software Piracy, use Open Source Software instead of Pirated Software. 


We appreciate your contacting us!


Fouad Riaz Bajwa
General Secretary - FOSS Advocate
FOSSFP: Free & Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan R Secretariat
Office of the General Secretary
E-Mail: bajwa at fossfp.org
URL: www.fossfp.org ; www.ubuntu-pk.org

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Assallam O Alikum Wa Rahmutllah Wa Barkah!

Well the problem is that very long ago when 6.06 was released, i ordered its
CDs and there are yet to arive, i don't know what the problem is but i am
not recieving.....

Allah Nigehban
Muhammad Shoaib
iknewitalready at gmail.com
4th Semester
BS(CIS) 2004-08.
Contact # 0321-5185334

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