Ubuntu-Pakistan Workshop on FLOSS Software Engineering (February 10th 2006) - Live Streaming & Videos will be Available

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 [Broadcasted life as video streaming] [Videos will be offered for
downloading a week after the workshop]

Workshop:  Software Engineering from a libre software perspective (Madrid,
February 10th 2006)               http://libresoft.urjc.es

On Friday, February 10th, the GSyC/LibreSoft at the Universidad Rey Juan
Carlos (Madrid, Spain) organizes a workshop where some top researchers in
the field of libre software research will present their experiences and
future work lines. 

Communications -videos and slides- will be available for downloading a week
after the workshop from the http://libresoft.urjc.es website. All sessions
will be broadcasted life as video streaming. Ask the organizers (see below)
for further information.

== Communications ==
(All communications will be in English)
(times are given in CET; GMT+1)

11:00 Daniel Germán (University of Victoria, Canada)
        "Exploiting and visualizing the history of software development"
11:40 Stefan Koch (Wirtschaftuniversität Wien, Austria)
        "Manpower function modeling for open source projects"

12:20 Rishab A. Ghosh (Univ. of Maastricht, The Netherlands)
        "Management of rights in FLOSS projects"

13:00 Jesús M. González Barahona (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
        "Empirical software engineering research on libre software"

13:40 Andrea Capiluppi (University of Lincoln, UK)
        "A mathematical model for guiding refactoring efforts"

=== Speakers ===

Stefan Koch
        Assistant professor at the Wirtschaftsuniversität in Vienna. Dr.
        Koch is one of the pioneers in the research of effort estimation
        in open source software environments.

Daniel M. German
        Assistant professor at the University of Victoria, Canada. He is
        part of the Software Engineering Lab and has specialized in
        software evolution, software development data mining.

Rishab A. Ghosh
        Rishab Aiyer Ghosh is one of the members of the Board of
        Directors of the Open Source Initiative. Founder and current
        main editor of Firstmonday, the most popular peer-reviewed
        journal on the Internet. Rishab coordinates several EU-funded
        projects related to FLOSS.

Jesus M. González Barahona
        Jesús M. Gonzalez-Barahona teaches and researches in Universidad
        Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid (Spain). He is the head of the
        GSyC/Libresoft research group at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
        and has participated in several EU-funded research projects on
        software engineering FLOSS research.

Andrea Capiluppi
        Andrea Capiluppi recently became a Lecturer at the Lincoln
        UK while received his PhD degree from the University of Torino
        Among his research interests are empirical software engineering
        on libre software, software evolution, visualization of the changes
        the structure of the software and qualitative simulations. He also 
        collaborated with Dr, Juan Ramil two-year during a 2-year stay at
        Open University, UK.

=== More information ===

At the workshop web page: http://libresoft.urjc.es/html/Activities/Feb2006

=== Organization ===

      * Gregorio Robles: grex at gsyc.escet.urjc.es
      * Juan José Amor: jjamor at gsyc.escet.urjc.es

Gregorio Robles           | Libre Software Engineering Lab
grex at gsyc.escet.urjc.es   | Grupo de Sistemas y Comunicaciones
Tel: +34 91 488 81 06     | Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
http://libresoft.urjc.es  | Tulipán s/n, 28933 Móstoles (Madrid, Spain)

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