Ubuntu-Pakistan 5-Day Open Source Developer Workshop in Bangalore India

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Subject: Open Source Developer Workshop

Novell has been a leader and an active participant for years in the open
standards efforts for a number of projects. You could have details on
Novell & Open Source from
http://developer.novell.com/opensource/index.html  Novell actively gives
back to the open source community, tracks and champions standards within
OASIS, the W3C, and the Java Community Process. In these organizations
Novell works closely to develop technologies such as UDDI, BPMI, J2EE,
and others.
Novell is conducting a 5 day " Developer Workshop " in Banglore between
29th May - 2nd June wherein the development community will be shared
some of the technologies of Linux Porting and Migration Strategies.

Attached is the Developer Workshop agenda.

Please confirm your interest to participate in the developer workshop
by filling the attached worksheet with the participant details no longer
than 5th May 

Participation confirmation will be sent as a separate invite upon
confirmation. In case of any clarification, please feel free to write back.

Thanks & Regards

Apurva Shah
Alliance Manager
Ph : 011 29052642 / 29053645
Fax : 011 29053641
Mobile : 0 9899064303

Novell, Inc. 
Software for the Open Enterprise

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