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Dear Omer, the link u have sent does not work. U have misspelled the name.
its Ubuntu not Ubunto and the correct link is http://www.ubuntu.com. Ubuntu
uses the debian kind of core with 2.6 kernel. Default GUI is the GNOME
2.10desktop. Kubuntu, a variation of KDE is also available and both
these destop
environments (as per my experience with them) are far apart from Windows XP.
When u install Ubuntu system, gcc is not installed by default in the general
installation. U have to install it in expert mode and select individual
package to select the gcc package. another option is to do a general
installation and add the gcc package later. ubuntu has a good graphical
support for package management. during installaion, it copies all the
package installers on the HDD so u dont need the CD again to add or remove
packages. (i think this option of copying all packges on HDD can be turned
off during expert install).

an unofficial guide to ubuntu 5.04 (the latest version available) can be
found at http://www.ubuntuguide.org/. this is a very good place for the
starters as well as seasoned ubuntu users.

Allah Hafiz.
Faisal Naveed.

PS: Python and PERL are interpreted languages and gcc does not compile them.

On 10/5/05, Omer Akhter <omer_akhter at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello
>  I m Omer and Linux is new for me. But I know the solution to the problem.
> Just Go to http://www.ubunto.com and there u would find the documentation
> of the OS
>  And as far as the linux version is concerned, its the latest. A new
> version of Ubuntu is released every six months. The GUI is camparabl with
> the GUI of WinXP. Development plateform includes the gcc compiler which can
> compile C++, Python, Perl, nad many other languages.
>  Thats All I know
>  Regards
> Omer Akhter
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