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Fouad Riaz Bajwa bajwa at fossfp.org
Mon Aug 29 06:53:41 CDT 2005

Dear Ubuntu-Pakistan Mailing List Members,

In order to connect to the Ubuntu-Linux International Community, you can
join up in the interactive chat sessions in order to share your experiences,
receive Free of Charge Live Ubuntu Customer Support. You can start by
joining the #ubuntu-pk and #ubuntu IRC channels. 


Use Xchat or gaim programs from Ubuntu or download for Windows OS. Log into
irc.freenode.net and type /j #ubuntu at the text entry line to enter the the
ubuntu-pk or ubuntu channels. If you haven't used IRC much, you might just
want to observe there for a while to see how things work. 


Looking forward to see you on IRC Ubuntu-Pk Channel.




URL:  <http://www.ubuntu-pk.org/> www.ubuntu-pk.org
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