[Ubuntu-PH] Ubuntu Expertise needed

andrew andrewuy888 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 18:45:00 UTC 2011

looking for Ubuntu expertise:

assumptions:  all servers and clients are running ubuntu 10.04lts server or
desktop (please feel free to comment on any item)

1. primary domain controller running openldap, managed by webgui

2. nfs and samba server (for the few windows boxes, around 5). home folder
mounted as a separate partition (need to enforce quotas)

3. around 25 desktops (home directory pathed to nfs/samba server when they
log in)

4. backup server for the pdc and file server and sql server (db is around
30gb compressed), must dump to a nas and a tape (offsite backup, manual
intervention of changing tapes at 8am daily).  backup and restore should be

5. backup of pdc, files server and backup server (virtualize?) (auto
failover if available)

6. users can print to a central fax server (with two usb modems?).  incoming
faxes are centralized, reviewed and dispatched to users. (auditing for what
users printed, how many pages, what doc if available, softcopy of all

7. one update server for the client desktops (to save bandwith)

8. Print audit, who print, what, pages, with report summary. softcopy of all
print requests if available

9. hardware design? dell r710?

10. manage, alerts (email when errors occur like system stopped

11. all processes are automatic

security concerns are important.

please feel free to recommend, we're looking for a best practice setup and
some additional features.  if there are other, then please do recommend.

can you please point me in the right direction for a person that is
qualified to do this systems infrastructure?


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