[Ubuntu-PH] Strengthening the Ubuntu Philippines Community

Yolynne Medina yolynne at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 01:14:18 UTC 2010

This was my suggestion for the Community as posted on another thread:

For the benefit of the whole community I suggest having lead contacts on
every city of the Philippines that have an active ubuntu user in this
mailing list, I believe this would make the community stronger and the reach
would be wider. If there would be 2 or more users in one city, then they get
to choose their lead contact, who would be willing to organize regular
meetups, do follow-ups, be on top of organizing events etc etc.  a group
have the right to choose alternate lead contact if they want.  If and when
the lead contact will be inactive for sometime the alternate will take over
the service of leading the group.

All lead contacts of every city will then report to the Ubuntu-ph LoCo
contact (Zak Elep) about their activities... but everybody has a voice...
that point should be emphasized.. Leadership is a Service and not something
to brag about.

I know previously according to Dax, others have been hesitant about this,
but considering that this community have started 5 years ago, we still lack
organizational structure although I know the growth on the number of users
have increased tremendously over the years.

I know I still owe the Ubuntu-Ph Community some effort to re echo the things
I have learned on Community Capacity Building when I  attended Asia Source

I'll start with this thread and let's get a consensus on this first item...
then I'll proceed on discussing the next.

I believe we need a timeline on our goals.. So can I expect people in this
mailing list who are still active and want to get involve  in the Ubuntu
Community pls. reply with your thoughts in 2 weeks time... after which I'll
gather and summarize all of them. and post it again for your reference...

Thank You!

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